Lucid Learning 

“education is knowledge plus imagination” - team lucid

our mission is to develop occupational readiness for disadvantaged youth, primarily in the creative arts and entrepreneur fields.





check out CEO Steven Walsh's latest talk on the progress of the program, at the 2016 Harvard Student Research Conference.


The Background:

The American school structure was created during the Industrial Revolution, and hasn't adjusted since. It has not adapted to modern society. It is not current with the job market or with the new and many forms of communicating. Traits that are currently desired in the global workplace –social skills, creativity, and divergent thinking– are not emphasized nor measured in schools. Teachers that do want to spend time promoting these skills realistically cannot fit them into their curriculum, which they are bound by.




The Solution

Lucid Learning – an apprenticeship that connects young creatives to artists and companies in their field of passion, focusing primarily on the youth with limited access to artistic and creative enhancement. Students apply for this program through portfolio submission, are interview, and if selected, they will have an opportunity to study under experts in their area of creativity.

Lucid Learning is still in its early stages of development. If you share our passion for bridging knowledge with imagination, and would like to help further develop our program , please contact founder Steven Walsh at






The Problems:

• What we measure in school is not what is desired for most jobs

• Standardization causes budget cuts in the Fine Arts departments, causing schools to shut down art programs

• Children from low income communities do not have outlets to enhance their creative talents

•There are very little options for connecting young creatives to their ideal occupations through school

Why this program: 

Students that are not strong test takers grow a strong disliking for education, because they feel like failures in school, and there is no place where they find encouragement for their artistic talents. This is especially the case in lower income communities, with little-to-no outlets for creative enrichment. This program will keep kids off the streets and working toward mastering crafts that are not emphasized in their school. Lucid Learning aligns students to a path for success in the real world, with its growing need for artists and divergent thinkers. Our program customizes education, promoting good will and a socially positive message. Lucid is building a community of creativity.  Furthermore, this program provides an outlet for businesses and artists, connecting them directly to interested, passionate, and potential future employees. And with input and feedback from these sponsors, this program has the capacity to consistently adjust to the changes in the global market efficiently. Students will venture out of the classroom to learn about their craft, and expand their understanding of what the work world looks and feels like. Students will work at studios and production sets, at coffee shops and art galleries. This program is centered on occupational readiness. We do not follow the outdated paradigm of streamlined and standardized learning. Lucid Learning is customizable, and focuses on the individual rather than the group.

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